CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts

Champion H&C Inc. is a HARDWARE manufacturing expert in Taiwan.

Champion H&C Inc. is a cnc machining parts company for more than 30 years producing a wide range of high quality aluminium cnc machining parts. We provide the professional CNC turning service for you.Champion H&C has lathe machine, milling machine and CNC multi-tasking lathe machine.Regarding fastener, Champion H&C satisfies your needs using any of several CNC turning processes including Cold, Warm heading, thread rolling, drilling, Philip head, Pozi head. Available materials have 300 series stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum and brass. As a cnc machining parts company, Champion H&C Inc. dedicated itselves to provide high-quality aluminium cnc machining parts for our clients.


Quality is king

Champion H&C has serious QC control system. We have  implemented a quality management system follow up ISO9001 which have IQC, IPQC, and FQC to make sure the highest level CNC turning parts to our customers,that has earnt us ISO: 9001:2015 accreditation.


The material we can produce

Champion H&C can produce material including kinds of aluminum alloys, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel / heat treatment, and special plastic like Nylon, Rulon and others.


Lathe technology of CNC machining Parts can Champion do

1.Champion can produce DIA3.0mm ~ DIA.100.00mm item by our professional CNC multi-tasking lathe machine.

2.The general tolerance is +/-0.01mm, if the tolerance request beyond +/-0.01mm, we will use grinding process to reach drawing spec. like 0.001mm.


We focus on providing OEM/ODM services

Champion H&C Inc. high-quality production quality allows us to focus on providing OEM and ODM product services.So mold design is a very important production link for us.

We provide mold design and samples before mass production

Our engineers have rich experiences and know-how with so many years practicing and producing in mold design and making field. Provide professional skill suggestion in mold design to our customer that can reduce risk and save more time in trial mold step, special in saving cost. Keeping high level zinc alloy die casting parts and producing effective is our mission.

Precise tooling design, tooling manufacture, accurate test tool and fixture are Champion H&C Inc.'s services. These quality zinc alloy die casting products are used for optical insulation, electric, computer parts, RF, IA products, optic, varies connector and industrial component etc.

How does Champion CNC Machining Parts workshop work?





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