Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts

Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts

Champion H&C Inc. is a zinc die casting manufacturer who has concentrated on continuous improvement in zinc alloy die casting quality.

Champion H&C Inc. specializes in kinds of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts. We are with rich experiences in manufacturing Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium Alloy tooling and mold design.

Our engineers have rich experiences and know-how with so many years practicing and producing in mold design and making field. Provide professional skill suggestion in mold design to our customer that can reduce risk and save more time in trial mold step, special in saving cost. Keeping high level zinc alloy die casting parts and producing effective is our mission.

Precise tooling design, tooling manufacture, accurate test tool and fixture are Champion H&C Inc.'s services. These quality zinc alloy die casting products are used for optical insulation, electric, computer parts, RF, IA products, optic, varies connector and industrial component etc.

Champion H&C Inc. is a zinc die casting manufacturer, established in 1990, makes efforts in research and development of zinc alloy die casting.


Key Advantages of Zinc alloy die casting:

1. Thinner wall sections and high casting fluidity
2. Easiest to cast,and high production rates then other metal
3. secondary machining operations is very little or none at all.
4. products's surface can be made smooth.
5. Easy to cast in inserts.
6. Can be obtained dimensional accuracy.
7. High tensile strengths as well.
8. Highly conductive
9. Corrosion resistant

Zinc alloys are strong, and stable with high dimensional accuracy and thermal conductivity, resisting to corrosion, and are recyclable.
Zinc die casting accomplished by forcing molten metals into a mold form due to high-pressure systems, and also offers a broad range of excellent physical and mechanical properties, finishing characteristics, and is the easiest to cast.

If you need special screw, precision tube bending, tube modification, aluminum extrusion, metal cast parts,Champion H&C Inc. can service OEM or ODM available.
please send your drawing, ideas to us. Thank you.

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