Champion H&C Inc. is a leader in designing, manufacturing, providing precision metal parts, and we are located in Taiwan, found in 1990. Our manufacture processes have Precision Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe and Die Casting for prototype and volume production, your honest partner of OEM and ODM contract manufactures.

Champion H&C Inc. understands customer's competition of their industries and we have always perceived how to intensify customer's business, ability; therefore, Champion H&C constantly improves our management aiming at "integrity, practicality, and innovation" in order to achieve our quality policy to fully satisfy the customer needs.

Champion H&C is an ISO certified manufacturer, to constantly improve products quality that QC system run IQC, IPQC FQC and CPK for mass production parts.


Champion H&C also provides diversified aluminum extrusion, stamped and customized metal components from copper, brass, stainless steel. Special in CNC center (6 units), we can work to the extreme tolerances for machinery according customer request.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Champion produce all types of industrial aluminum products & metal products whether tooled or machined.
  • Champion produce customized products and components from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, and Carbon Steel.
  • Champion provide tooling development on aluminum extrusion, aluminum die casting, and metal stamping.
  • Champion supply complete and expert anodize process recommendations tooling, machining and product development.

If you need special screw, precision tube bending, tube modification, aluminum extrusion, metal cast parts, please send your drawing, ideas to us. Thank you.