Quality Management :

Champion H&C is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. We use the most up-to-date quality equipment and processes to meet our customer's stringent quality requirements. The cohesive combination of people, processes and equipment has earned the confidence of our customers in a wide range of industries. Champion H&C will ensure that your parts conform to all applicable specifications and provide a comfort level that earns your trust.

Quality Team:

Champion H&C believes that Quality is not the responsibility of a select few; but the responsibility of the collective. While we do dedicate multiple people to QA/QC specific activities only, we believe in empowering all of our employees to achieve our Quality standards.

Quality Processes:

Our highly capable quality processes provide our customers with a comfort level and understanding that their projects are thoroughly reviewed and verified at each operation in the realization of their parts, starting from the RFQ all the way through project follow up after the parts have been received.

Quality Control Equipment:

We have the most up-to-date quality control equipment including our CMM's (CNC and manual), Smart Scope vision system. All of our measurement and testing equipment is calibrated per ISO Standards to certify compliance.

Quality Policy:

Every person at Champion H&C is committed to delivering quality products and value added services on a timely basis that will conform to our customer's requirements. Through continuous improvement we will meet their ever increasing expectations.

Quality Control Capabilities


Inspection CMM
OGP Optical Comparators
2D Optical Projector
Computerized Linear Height Gage
Inspection Gages
Assembly Simulation
Fit and Function Gages
Inspection Fixture

Quality ISO 9001:2015
FA Inspection
Lot Controlling
CPK Data
Statistical data collection
Gage R&R
Proven Track Record
Strong QA program and systems Customer
Referrals and Testimonials

Industry Standards ISO 9001:2015RoHS

Efficiency Lean Manufacturing
Production Work Cells
Assembly Work Cells
Continuous Process Improvement
Continuous Cost Reduction

File Formats SolidWorks
VISI-Series (3D Modeling)
AutoCAD (with Die maker)
Gibbs CAM
Master CAM