Aluminum Die Casting with Sliver Liquid Coating-01

Aluminum Die Casting with Sliver Liquid Coating-01

Aluminum Die Casting with Sliver Liquid Coating-01

Material: ADC-12
Surface: Sliver Liquid Coating
Coating Color:RAL9006(C8770)
Critical True Position rich customer’s drawing spec

Sliver Liquid Coating can be use in plating and re-plating silver and most other metals.
It can also be used on metal household items to give a new shiny silver coating
Aluminum Die Casting with Sliver Liquid Coating is a good choice for appearance parts

Champion are proudly about serving global clients with quality die casting parts
Because aluminum die castings are always used in different places,so we also provide different processing to meet customer needs.

Our aluminum surface finishing includes, but is not limited to:
Powder Coating (electrostatic application)
Wet Paint
Electroless Nickel
Silk Screening and Stenciling
EMI/RFI Shielding
Surface Conditioning (shot and bead blastin)

Champion will manage customer finishing requirements to ensure parts meet specifications.
Keep customer finishing requirements a timely and cost-effective manner is Champion's purpose.
Even we can provide professional processing advice according to your needs


  • Champion produce all types of industrial aluminum products & metal products whether tooled or machined.
  • Champion produce customized products and components from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, and Carbon Steel.
  • Champion provide tooling development on aluminum extrusion, aluminum die casting, and metal stamping.
  • Champion supply complete and expert anodize process recommendations tooling, machining and product development.

If you need special screw, precision tube bending, tube modification, aluminum extrusion, metal cast parts, please send your drawing, ideas to us. Thank you.